Our new office & logo! *Cincinnati Wedding Planner*

What a busy spring we’ve had with so many gorgeous weddings, but right now we have a tiny break, which gives us time to enjoy our new office!

Our team shares the new office with the talented and charming Neysa Ruhl of Belle & Blanc Photography (if you don’t know her- you’re missing out! She’s a doll!).  After a long search for the right space last fall, Neysa & I fell in love with the Oakley area.  And just days before I was due with my second baby girl, Ada, we signed a lease for a completely raw space.  Because we were starting from scratch, we had fun brainstorming our different design and décor ideas.  We decided that “modern rustic” was a great blend of our personal styles. The finished product is perfect for inspiring creativity & (we hope!) making our clients feel at home.  Take a look at these before and after photos!



The natural light, cool gray, warm wood tones, modern furniture, and pops of lively green are designed to make sure guests feel welcome. We hope they will want to stay a while!   Neysa’s inspired photography is displayed throughout the space.

There are several elements about the new office that I really love- here are my top 3 favorite:

The conference room doors!  They are just gorgeous!  Neysa found them for $50 each and refinished them herself. Yup, not only can the girl shoot killer photographs, but she can also strip, sand and stain old doors!  Those doors really make a statement when clients first enter the space. Go Neysa!

Another favorite element has got to be the unique stenciled walls! In my search for the perfect stencil pattern, I fell in love with this one…

AND, I loved it so much that Cindy Loon, of loon+co, & I incorporated it into viva bella’s new logo!

 And I’ve saved the best for last…the Chameleon Chairs in the conference room! White suede with a big flower on the back of the seat…oh my!  We wanted our new conference room to feel like a “cozy living room,” in which our clients would feel comfortable sharing their vision and dreams as we collaborate to create their perfect event!

We hope you enjoyed the tour! Come see us soon!

Our new studio is located at 3218 Madison Rd in Oakley.

Signal P&G – Cincinnati Event Planner

What happens when Silicon Valley giants come to downtown Cincinnati? A full day of thought-provoking content regarding the future digitalization of brand-building and…a lot of fun!

We had the opportunity to partner with Procter & Gamble on this exciting event! Federated Media brought in various digital industry leaders, including Google, Facebook, and Twitter execs. For decor, we planned a decidedly modern ‘tech-y’ vibe. Cool-blue lighting accents, by Vincent Lighting, gave the space a cohesive feel.

About 1,800 attendees, in person and via webcast, were encouraged to bring their phones, laptops, ipads, anything to help them stay connected through out the day. Two screens on either side of the stage displayed a live Twitter feed with #signalpg hashtag tweets. What a great feature!

More images and some favorite quotes from Signal P&G…

“Strategy is easy…executing is difficult.” Alison Lewis, Senior VP, The Coca-Cola Company

“There is a new sheriff in town, and he is the data scientist.” John Battelle, Executive Chairman of Federated Media Publishing

“You can’t fake authenticity.” Robert Stephens, Founder of Geek Squad, CTO of Best Buy

“Can we fail forward together?” Alison Lewis, Senior VP, The Coca-Cola Company

“It’s a crime, but not everyone is on Facebook all the time.” David Fischer, VP of Business & Marketing Partnerships, Facebook

“People are gathering, like urbanization, around brands…there will be fewer brands in the future.” Tim Armstrong, CEO, AOL

“Can you have my dryer email me about the socks it’s been eating?”  John Battelle to Brian Cooley, Editor, CNET

“If Apple was a drinking game at Signal P&G, we’d all be drunk!” Michael Lazerow, CEO, Buddy Media

“140 characters (like haiku or iambic pentameter) force you to find new ways to be creative in telling stories.” Dick Costolo, CEO, Twitter

“From the ridiculous to the sublime, we have stories pouring into us about bringing people closer.” Dick Costolo, CEO, Twitter

“I studied improv at Second City– that’s why I am now CEO of Twitter.” Dick Costolo, CEO, Twitter

“We want to digitize the company– from the molecules to our factories.” Bob McDonald, Chairman of the Board, President & CEO, P&G

“Reciprocal altruism works. We served business and we grew.”  Scott Roen, VP Digital, Amex Open

Dora & Monica got in on the step and repeat for a photo op!

Signal P&G was a huge success and we even picked up a few Silicon Valley secrets!

Federated MediaNeysa Ruhl Photography, Vincent Lighting, All Occasions, CORT, & viva bella events

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